This is a wonderful place and environment for both children and families to learn martial arts and stay fit! The instructors are fantastic. They are able to teach focus and discipline but also able to keep the classes fun and fresh for both kids and adults. I’m not only a parent of a student but also a student myself :). I have been a part of this community for the last 3 or so years and highly recommend it.

Michael Chu

Mr and Mrs Sroka are the most supportive owner/instructors/TaeKwonDo masters. They make everyone at ease and motivated in their classes. Adult classes are almost always the last class and it’s unbelievable how they keep their energy and enthusiasm in teaching. If you want family activity and learn martial arts seriously this is the best place to be. I can’t thank them enough for everything.

Catalina Maala Deleon

My 4-year old daughter started taking classes a little more than a month ago, and she loves it! Her focus, confidence, and coordination have dramatically improved. Very positive environment and truly World Class instructors here. Can’t say enough good things about them!

Christopher Williams

My son’s focus and awareness have improved so much since starting Tae Kwon Do with Mr. and Mrs. Sroka. He is doing better in school! I am so glad we were introduced to this school, and the instructors and students have become like family to us.

Beth Johnson

Mrs. Sroka is an essential part of the tae kwon do experience. She has a big heart and is very good at identifying what level each individual person is at, as well as what motivates them.

Jess Rautenstrauch

Mr. Sroka’s enthusiam and drive are exceptional to the point that they are contagious. His willingness to share his knowledge of Tae Kwon Do, and do this with such a positive attitude, has made our training experience very rewarding. Mr. Sroka has a way of making each student feel special and valued.

Scott and Christina Summerville

Mr. and Mrs. Sroka have enjoyed teaching focus, confidence, and respect, to children and adults for over fifteen years with Grandmaster Chong. Now, with Grandmaster Chong’s support, they are excited to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for Tae Kwon Do with the San Jose Community.

Alice Boyd

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